Partnership Paves the Way for Pioneering Firm’s Relocation


A pioneering company which drives drug development using artificial intelligence has been helped with a major office move by a team of property experts.

Commercial property agents VSL teamed up with Hollybrook Estates to ensure Exscientia’s switch to new premises on The Oxford Science Park happened as smoothly as possible.

Directors approached VSL to find their new home in Oxford where Exscientia can continue to benefit from the burgeoning science and technology scene.

VSL then turned to Andrew Snowdon of Hollybrook Estates, a planning and project management specialist, who will be working on the fit out of the offices and lab building.

VSL and Hollybrook Estates are working closely on a ‘one stop shop’ solution at The Schrödinger Building and across Oxfordshire for potential occupiers to find, deliver and fit out premises. 

The partnership has collaborated on many projects involving the research and renovation of properties for clients including the recent relocation of supply chain specialist Dematic to Balliol House at Banbury Business Park.

Exscientia is developing artificial intelligence driven systems which assimilate best practice from vast data resources is continuing with the company able to deliver new drug candidates in a quarter of the time taken by traditional methods.

VSL director Richard Venables said: “Exscientia is an excellent example of a spin-out company finding a natural home in Oxford alongside an ever-growing number of similar firms in this sector.

“Our ongoing partnership with Hollybrook Estates ensured the move went smoothly, allowing the company to experience as little disruption as possible.”

Andrew Snowdon of Hollybrook Estates explains: “We are always careful to listen to our client’s unique needs and aspirations. Traditional and typical are not words within Exscientia’s vocabulary and the design of their mixed office and laboratory space aims to reflect the cutting edge work they are undertaking but be flexible enough to meet future growth.

“The one stop shop model enables the client to transfer risk to the Project Team and ensures that design and construction develop together bringing benefits for time, cost and quality.”

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