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Disposal Services

VSL and Partners have a wide experience of lease and property disposal in the Oxfordshire area. We act on behalf of both commerical property landlords and occupational tenants throughout the region.

Our approach is commonsense led using both traditional and high tech resources. Campaigns are necessarily tailored to each individual property but usually include:-

  • Reporting - We provide initial advice on the property including advice on the lease (if the property is currently under lease), market terms, refurbishment works, business rates minimisation and marketing initiatives. 

  • Mailing campaigns - We hold detailed lists of occupiers which we have compiled with upcoming lease breaks and lease expiries. We also mail local and regional occupiers and we mail to all active enquiries on our database.   

  • Web and traditional marketing techniques - we now receive over 70% of our enquiries via our internet site.  We try hard to optimise our site to ensure maximum coverage in the local market.  We have adwords campaigns running on Google and use similar tools on other search engines. 

  • Board presence - We market key prominent commercial sites in the Oxfordshire area and have a strong brand awareness which means we get tenant enquiries often before other commercial agents. 

  • Advertising - We take key pages in local publications such as B4 magazine and The Oxford Times In Business Magazine which have wide readership in the local market.

We also enjoy developing creative marketing campaigns for property which is increasingly important in a very competitive marketplace. The aim of any marketing campaign is simple. To meet the aims of the client as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Our fees are transparent and clear from the outset of any campaign and usually success related. We keep our clients fully informed during the disposal process.

We offer a comprehensive service for our clients for either commercial property disposal or acquisition. Whilst the focus of our disposal work is within the boundaries of Oxfordshire we have carried out commercial property acquisitions throughout the UK.

Acquisition Services

Obtaining the services of an acquisition agent is increasingly common in the market. Our knowledge of rental and incentive terms ensures we can obtain the best possible deal for our clients. In a leasehold situation the rental level can be extremely important, particularly where longer lease terms are required. Over a 5 or 10 year term substantial savings can be achieved. However, our service is not just limited to negotiating a deal. We are involved in advising the client from the outset on their space requirements and locational needs and provide detailed property overviews to minimise client time wastage.

Our service does not end until the lease or sale has completed as often advice is required during the course of legal formalities. We believe that by using our expert knowledge of landlords, properties and the market, occupiers would generate substantial savings compared with negotiating directly with a landlord.

For more information please contact Richard VenablesTom Barton or Duncan May